Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lots Of New Faces And Bumping In KL

Just got back from KL AGAIN yesterday. Seriously, I gotta take a break from going to KL so often. It's breaking my budget, so the next trip won't be so soon. Probably after a few months. The main highlight of the trip for me was actually meeting up with some bloggers and new faces.

Went to MP on Saturday with a few friends. Met up with Wayne, a twink friend from Penang who's currently studying to be a hairstylist in KL.

Went upstairs and found Eric and a few other bloggers (sorry guys, if you're reading this, not familiar with your blog yet). As the night progressed, I slowly remembered why Eric looked SO familiar. I swore I'd seen him before. Then, it dawned to me that I DID meet him and his BF before while I was studying back in MMU Malacca. I'm not sure if he remembers it coz I was still a fat-ass way back then.

As usual, you get to bump into people from Penang and other familiar faces there. Bumped into Desmond from FB, whom I wanted to meet but forgot to inform him that I was going to MP. Immediately pulled him aside when I saw him and luckily he remembered me, and managed a squeeze on my pecs =P

Bumped into Michael, an ex-schoolmate of mine in MP. Bumped into Josiah from FB, but kinda shy to go over talk to him ><. Found out that Michael actually knows him, SO I immediately prompted him to intro. However, Josiah was already partially drunk. I doubt he would remember me the next day =P. Although I don't usually drink, I did have some long island, but not much. Then, a friend of a friend gave me a drink when I went downstairs. Out of courtesy, I finished it, and was kinda high and blur at the same time the whole night. After MP, went all the way to Wangsa Maju's BRJ for their famous nasi lemak ayam. Yes, after all that booze, I crammed lots of fat into me. By the time I got back, showered and slept, it was already 6 am. Woke up at about 12 pm on Sunday, went over to 1U for lunch with my bestie Joseph. In the afternoon, I was accompanied by one of my dearest fag hags friend, Hanies @ the Curve. Cannot tahan, needed my caffeine at the time. So, we settled down at Theobroma Chocolate lounge for some indulgent Mocha Frappes, delish fish cakes and a sinful dessert of milk chocolate drizzled waffles topped with sliced strawberries. I didn't take any pics, so drool from your imagination, will you? XD

We talked for almost 3 hours, while I partially drifted in and out of the conversation 'washing my eyes' =P

After that, she sent me back to 1U, and that's where my workout 'fun' started. I was supposed to meet up William and gang at the Champs at Center Point, Bandar Utama. You see, I didn't know Bandar Utama and 1-Utama weren't the same place, because some KL folks often refer to it as the same place. AND, there is supposedly also a center point within 1U. SO, I ended up doing a cardio session within 1U for 30 mins looking for the restaurant in 1U. Up down, new to old, old to new wing. Wah lau, but I needed that to burn off all the chocolate anyways. On top of that, JL was mad at me for being late to meet him at 1U, coz he wanted to join me for dinner too. In the end, JL went to have dinner with another friend T.T

After more than 30 mins and several phone calls from William later, I found that I needed to take a taxi to Bandar Utama. The Indian taxi driver took me to Holland and back and charged me RM 13, when Bandar Utama was just close by ><. I handed him a RM 50 note when we got there, he just looked at me and said,"Tarak tukar boss." FML! I got out, sprinted to a nearby McD's and got a bottled water, sprinted back to the taxi and paid him promptly. Oklah, pity him also, let him have that extra lah. Gave a call to William again coz I still couldn't find The Champs after scrabbling up and down T.T Apparently, that place has a new and old wing too, niama...so many wings -_-"

After all that, I finally got there fashionably late and partially out of breath. Dinner was supposed to be 7:30 pm, but I got there nearly 9 pm due to miscommunication and my ignorance ><. So there I was, meeting William, a cute lil' bear and his big salmon. Also there was William's possibly lesbian (according to Michael) bestie, Cheryl. The lil' bear and salmon looked so adorable together in matching striped T-shirts. Possibly underwear also might be matching, who knows? XD

When dinner was done, we adjourned downstairs for drinks at Black Canyon to make more noise and get to know each other more before the Bear and Pikey had to leave for bear-taming activities since Pikey had to work on Monday.

Great times, lotsa laughs. Thanks guys, look me up when you grace the shores of Penang. I will fatten you up with our food XD


William said...

Wow. Cheryl will hunt you down! LOL. Nice meeting you too.

Bravebear said...

next time I wanna pinch! wakakaka!

Mark said...

William: Haha, yes. Let her come hunt me down in Penang.

Bear: Come come, it's free XD

Cheryl said...

i no need personally go to penang also can shoot u down, k?

not possibly lesbian at all! better amend before i kill u here.

Mark said...

Awww chill babe. Just kidding =P


C'est la vie said...

I have NEVER SQUEEZED your PECS. JAGA!! It's free right? WATCH OUT! LOL.

pikey said...

Nice meeting you and it has been a lively dinner/supper chat.... hmmm.. though I was busy eating, LOL

牛五花Orange said...