Saturday, February 13, 2010

He Left

Rafael left for Bangkok yesterday morning. I've spent almost the whole week with him since I met him last weekend. Sometimes joining him and his friends. Sometimes just him and I, walking or going for drinks, talking the night away. He's nice and sweet. Nice enough for me to introduce him to some of my friends here. He's the first Brazilian I got to know personally. Same goes for my friends. And he did leave us with a good impression, as I've heard some nasty things about Brazilians before.

On Thursday night, after joining my friends and I for CNY dinner@ Chin Bee Tea cafe (highly recommended, food was really good), we went over for drinks @ Coffee Bean in Gurney. Towards the end of the session, he wanted to spend some time with me alone, so I agreed. I could sense that he was really sad, having to leave Penang the next day. Specifically, he was really sad to leave me behind. Although we had only known each other for a week, but he really likes me. I could see it in his eyes.

So, off we drove to his motel, but I parked somewhere outside where we talked a bit more. I had this HUGE, painful ulcer that night. Seriously, it's so huge, even Rafael got shocked when I showed it to him. Despite that, we still kissed, slowly coz he didn't wanna hurt me. One thing that I loved about him was how passionate he was when we kissed. He was said the same thing about me, since the last 2 Asian guys he kissed didn't really inject any emotion while smooching and/or didn't know how to do it well.

There we were, at the side of the small street, makin' out. I did notice motorists slowing to see what was going on in the car, but I didn't care. Mind your own fucking business and move on, thank you very much. It was Rafael's last night here, and I wanted it to be pleasant for him. After locking tongues for short while, I was starting to have the horns. And, I was really tired that night too. But the way he knew how to kiss, made little Markie 'awaken to the sounds of the horns'.

Rafael suggested that we went somewhere more private. I looked around and noticed that the same car shed was kinda full, so I drove into a small alley right beside it. Then, this stupid dog started running towards the front of the car barking his lungs out. Niama, if this were China, I'd be having claypot dog for CNY reunion today (I've never eaten dog btw).

So, I had to gostan back out and saw that there was a space enough for one car in the shed, so I parked there. I turned off the lights and we went down to business. And by got down I meant lowered the seats so that people couldn't see us. And by down to business, I meant we got 'orally acquainted with each other's nether region'. But seriously, no penetrative action k? I'm not petite enough, nor am I well-versed enough in yoga to position myself that way in my Wira k? Simply not possible! Pinggang terseliuh later!

After that was over, we hugged and cuddled. At some points he kissed and held me so tightly, I knew he was crying. He was really trying to hold it together. He's so sweet and passionate, I've never met anyone like him. But, I knew I couldn't open up my heart much to him, which kinda saddened me at that point. He was leaving after all, and if I got too attached, I'd end up hurting myself too. What he said about me was true, that I'm as sensitive as I am a nice person.

I promised him that I wouldn't forget him. After all, there's always Facebook, and there's a tiny giraffe soft-toy that he bought for me to remember him by. He's still in Bangkok as I'm posting this and he'll be heading to Italy before finally going back to Brazil.

I will miss him.

PS: To my kaypoh friends (you know who you are =P), we only did it TWICE. Believe it!


William said...

Perhaps he'll come around again in the future and you guys could reconnect, even if for a while.

Mark said...

If he does, it'll be next year =)

Bravebear said...

LONG and THICK enough to make you choke! Wahlao... Naughty bear thinking how looooong it is. hmmmm... hmmm... hahahaha!

pikey said...

Hhmmmm....such description... interesting! LOL

Anonymous said...

Mark, you are describing my boy too... The difference is he is from EU country... :)

ichimaru akira said...

TMI lah...

オテモヤン said...


C'est la vie said...

gosh, you're giving me hardon! Hate you markie! Seems like this is your year!