Friday, February 19, 2010

Made My Day

Isn't it nice how unexpected certain small things, even words, can just make your day? I was at the gym yesterday night, when a casual conversation started between a cute indian girl and me. She's a new member at my gym and quite a regular there in the evenings. I glanced over her direction as she was doing some standing exercises.

Girl: Happy new year. Didn't go anywhere this CNY?

Me: Nope, it's damn hot lah. And I'm from Penang too. So, better stay at home.

Girl: Oh really? How old are you now? (I have no idea why she jumped to this question ><)

Me: Oh, I'm 29.

Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. I proceeded to pick it up and hand it back to her before it rolled down the stairs. (Indulge me, will you?)

Girl: WHAT? Are you serious?

Me: Yeah, I was born in 1980.

Girl: OMG, I really, really thought you were 23-24. Seriously!

Her eyes stayed wide for a couple more minutes. I smiled widely like the Cheshire cat and thanked her.

Apparently, I look younger than my age. Rafael commented on the same thing previously. He thought I was 24-25, mwahahaha!

How does the Pooh stay so young? Eat 5 buckets of 'hunny' a day. Ok...don't do that, you'd die from hyperglycemia next week ><.

Don't disillusion me k? Else you're BANNED from touching my pecs!

Hehe, kidding lah =p

No, I'm not...


William said...

Did she get your number? :P

Bravebear said...

Maybe she was really hungry for some meat :p

carpe diem said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
carpe diem said...

Wow you have got an admirer there. Did she asked you what your gym schedule is like?

I like your writing style... picking up her jaw and the Cheshire cat.

Isaac Rizard said...

I'm more interested in the comment removed by the author. What was there...? Hmm, freedom of speech is being impeded...?

Mark said...

William: No wor, but I think she's already seeing someone at the gym.

Bear: Just like you? =P

carpe diem: Hehe, thanks. Usually bump into her in the evenings. She has a very sweet face.

Isaac: No idea who the author was though.