Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year in KL! - Part 2

On new year's day, we woke up effing late. No surprised since we slept effing early in the morning after NYE clubbing and supper. Isaac and I headed to Ikea for late lunch and proceeded to stroll around at The Curve and Ikano. Seriously, them Sweden meatballs are still darn good. Pity any salmon dish from Ikea cafe is NOT. Last time I had the cured salmon, it was damn salty. This time I had the poached salmon, it was damn fishy. Luckily my tasty balls saved the day XD

That evening, we headed to Pavilion (gay capital of KL) to meet up with more friends for dinner. Same gang who joined us for NYE clubbing, except for SC.

From left: SC, Cody and Arthur. Cody is an Australian and he was introduced to me by Shawn when visiting Penang. It was a pleasant surprise to bump into him along with Arthur and David in Warehouse. I told him I was coming down to KL for NYE previously, didn't expect him to show up at the same place too XD

JL joined us for dinner too =)

David is SO SO adorable, I just wanna pinch him all over XD

The glittering Santa's sled and reindeers looks so pretty, with SC and JL as the background =P

Later on, JL and SC accompanied me to Time Square, since I promised to meet the girls there. I promised I would join them for NYE celebrations but couldn't make it, so I DEFINITELY HAD to see them on new year's day. Missed them loads. JL and SC had to leave early though. Initial plan for the girls and myself and JL was to watch a midnite movie there, but tickets were selling fast or sold out.

We ended up fooling around and laughing our behinds off for almost 4 hours at Starbucks in Times Square. It was also the FIRST TIME I had Krispy Kreme donuts. I rarely eat donuts coz I'm not fond of greasy, fried processed, refined carbs with excessive sugar and fat. Anyways, I found them to be too sweet and rich for my liking, even more than JCO or Big Apple's.

I haven't seen Uzma in years, and she's become even more gorgeous. She's just joined a modeling agency back in Malacca.

Missed Ash sooo much!

Joey and Vivi (now my mama-san), don't ask =P

Middle one is Uzma's younger sis.

What happened next was funny. A rapid succession of pictures from different cameras, didn't really have time to strike a pose. LOL!

Model shoot 1.

Model shoot 2.

Model shoot 3.

Model shoot 4...except Uzma had a hair malfunction XD

Love this picture of me the most, coz it's the only one I looked good in =/

Missing KL and my friends already =)


C'est la vie said...

haha, you really enjoy KL's life huh? Well, come here and get a job. :)

simonlover said...

Haha...U have a charming smile lar...Meaning, basically most of ur pics u looked nice lor... =)

Mark said...

Cest la vie: Heh, it's more fun since I seldom get to go down mah.

simonlover: I still think I look goofy or even ugly when I smile leh, but thanks =P

William said...

Mama-san? That story is begging to be told!