Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year in KL! - Part 1

Yay, happy frickin' new year to everyone and I just got back from KL. It was kinda tiring but really fun. Managed to do what I wanted to and see my awesome friends again, and then some new ones ^^

The new year also marked some firsts for me, which I will go thru in this post. On new year's eve, first thing I did for the day was meet up with Douggie @ Delicious in Midvalley, thanks to my dear friend aka driver, Adrian XD

What Douggie had, pretty good.

Didn't take what I had coz I wolfed it down and forgot =/

Douggie, Adrian and me @ Starbucks after lunch.

We were definitely going clubbing on New Year's eve, and the plan was to attend the Princeworld event for New Year's eve celebrations @ Warehouse club, which is just nearby to Oblique. Heck, I even bought a couple of nice, loose but slim-fitting shirts from Topman while we were at Midvalley just for clubbing. The fabric was really soft, comfortable and enhanced my...assets, RAWRRR XD

One thing I made clear was that I really wanted to avoid was massive new year's eve traffic jams, coz roads around certain areas in KL, especially Bukit Bintang would be closed starting 7 pm. I had a bad experience of celebrating New Year countdown in the car in Bukit Bintang years ago, and we were just less than 100 meters from our venue T.T

So we REALLY had to plan properly for it.

Luckily, Isaac helped us hatch a good plan to avoid all that shit. We would park the car somewhere near KLCC and then take the LRT back to somewhere nearby where Isaac could fetch us back home after he's done with work to freshen up and pimp ourselves ^^. Then, Isaac would take us to the LRT station again and we'd proceed back to KLCC for dinner and walk to the club, which is really nearby. So we left Midvalley at 4pm to do just that=)

Isaac himself had to fetch other friends, so he drove to Bukit Bintang that night. For the FIRST TIME, there was NO massive jam at Bukit Bintang, even past 10 pm, on new year's eve! Holy ginormous elephant testicles, I thought it might rain groundhogs! Anyhow, Adrian, Joseph (who came to KLCC by LRT to join us) and I had a quick dinner at Burger King.

For the FIRST TIME ever, I entered a fast food restaurant in Malaysia feeling like a tourist. Seriously, the whole place was PACKED by foreigners. The three of us were the ONLY Malaysians there, except for the Indian staffs frantically manning the counters to quell the LOOONG queue of tourists. No Burger King back there izzit?

After dinner, we converged with Isaac and more friends and a whole entourage of us (about 11 people) headed to Warehouse. We got in quite early to book a nice place to hang, before the crowd comes in. Decor of the place was really good, but sad to say, music kinda sucked. It was mostly trance and house. R&B and pop were almost non-existent. Where's my Lady GaGa and Pussycat Dolls? T.T

Long story short, before we know it, we were on the dance floor. After countdown was over, things started to get wilder. I proposed we move a bit closer to the stage to dance in the middle, since the spot we were at felt like the LDP, people moving in and out all the time coz the dance floor was near the entrance. It was starting to get hot, from the sea of people gyrating and dancing their asses off. Then, it started to REALLY hot. JL and friends started to pull my shirt off and shoved me up the stage...

Yes, for the FIRST TIME, I danced topless on stage, right at the front row. In my defense, it was my friends' idea, so I'm innocent. *puppy eyes*

Also, they were tugging at the brand new white shirt that I just bought on the same day for clubbing, which I adored, so I 'had' to take it off. *ginormous puppy eyes*

Being half naked in full view of everyone while being soaking wet in sweat, with my jeans riding low and shakin' my moneymaker ain't so bad after all...

OKLAH, it felt pretty effing darn good XD

Oh...and I met this cute fella named David. Stay tuned for part 2!

PS: Mien, see? No need 2 drinks and my shirt came off XD

PPS: Sorry no pics during clubbing. Didn't bring my camera in coz I was afraid it might get stolen.

PPPS: More pics in part 2 lor...


Brandon said...

Nice hair cut.
Hot bod on stage~ Yum yum. Hehe.

Zemien said...

Well well well, seems all I needed were persistent hands and forget about the alcohol...

Unfortunately, that was 2009. 2010 goal: 2 drinks and a blonde wig.

Mark said...

Brandon: Actually, those shots weren't that good. I have better ones in part 2 =)

Mien: Blonde...wig?

William said...

Looser inhibitions for 2010? :P

Mark said...

William: Maybe...just maybe =P

Brandon said...

Fast fast post 2nd entry then~

simonlover said...

Hahahaha...Can't wait for the Part 2! Any chance of any topless pics? Hehehehehe....Muacks!

Mark said...

simonlover: Hehe, if don't have, do I have to exclusively post one? XD