Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happening October!

Oct has been quite eventful and happening month for me. Seriously, a lot of people are born towards the end of the year, what gives? Anyways, here's what's happened and what's going to happen ^^

2nd to 5th: Went to Malacca for an awesome trip that I wrote about here and here.

10th: Martin's birthday when we raved at Redbox. You can be sure we brought the house down! Damn, we were freakin' loud =)

19th: Wilson's lavish birthday dinner at Jade Palace restaurant. Brought a new Australian friend, Cody, there too. Apparently someone in our group has the hots for him =P

24th: PLU BBQ gathering at a Wave Runner Beach chalet near the beautiful Sunset Bistro (beautiful place). Won't be staying over, just going for the barbie.

31st: Joint birthday celebration in the form of a BBQ by the beach. Birthday boys will be me (turning 29 T.T) and another friend of mine. Our b'days are just 5 days apart, so we decided to do it somewhere in the middle. Just a small bash with our mutual friends plus a few more. Isaac and JL will be coming down from KL for this and for that, I'm happy =)

Wilson and the gang might be planning a Halloween party/apartment stay on the 31st, still tentative. Actually I wanted to celebrate my birthday with the gang separately, since the joint celebration thingy is just a small bash. Don't wanna scare people away from the beach with all our noise, k?

So, I might make the Halloween thingy part of my b'day with the gang. See how it goes lor.

Also, I haven't been clubbing for almost 2 months. See? I told you I'd get over it! *dances to Lady Gaga's Paparazzi* =P

Btw, my b'day is on Nov 2nd. Just to let you know XD

Ah, good times, LOTS of good eats and good friends, doesn't get any better than that...

PS: Gained more than a kilo already, wonder how much of that went to muscle and how much went to fat...=/


Bengbeng said...

one more week to go before yr birthday but it is never too early to wish :)

Happy Birthday

William said...

Can't wait to see you at Club 29. I'll be sitting at the lounge with a brandy in hand.

Mark said...

Bengbeng: Thanks ya, long time no see. How've you been?

William: Heh, just wondering if you misunderstood or that was just some mild teasing. Suspect it's the latter =P