Thursday, October 8, 2009

Awesome Trip To Malacca! - Part 2

On Sunday, we went lunch at the Portuguese settlement at some place called De Lisbon. You know, I stayed in Malacca for more than 5 years, never stepped foot at that's sad right? T.T

Opposite the restaurant, then newly built Lisbon hotel.

Finally, a photo of EVERYONE! XD

All the tasty Portuguese we had!

Devil Chicken Curry

Sweet and sour prawns were fresh!

First time I had otak-otak sliced and placed on a plate this way.

Sambal sotong with petai was spicy and really good.

Fresh ginger mussels.

Okra stir-fry with sambal.

Portuguese baked fish was good too.

After lunch, we headed back to Jonker Walk again. But, this time in the afternoon and with food in mind.

Found this nice T-shirt shop at Jonker.

This is a famous tart shop at Jonker. It's usually quite packed...

A variety of cheese tarts and fruit pies.

Portuguese and other types of egg tarts. Most of it was finished when we arrived though.

Oh-so-good, thick, DENSE and absolutely DELISH cheese tarts. Gosh, thinking about them now just makes me wanna go back Malacca just to buy them again. Can still remember the taste in my mouth...*buckets of drool*

Portuguese eggs tarts, which I didn't get to eat any coz it was finished by the time we got back to the apartment T.T

DURIAN CENDOL! I miss this SO MUCH! Had this in a new corner shop at Jonker (forgot to take pic) right down the street near the tart shop. Only can get durian cendol in Malacca, at least the really good ones *drools*

I LOVE this picture of us ex-MMUians. Took this after we got back to the apartment.

That night, can you believe it? We went to Jonker yet again! This time, it was to have a quick dinner and hang out having drinks and playing gin at the nice and quaint Geographer's cafe located in the middle of Jonker =)

We ended the night having duck noodles for supper. We checked out on Monday, had a quick vegetarian lunch and headed back to KL before I boarded Aeroline back to Penang. It felt like the trip passed be really quick, but time flies when you're having a great time right? Hehe, next destination...they might plan something for Penang =)


Ivan said...

Yum... The food looks very delicious. Must go to Malacca this weekend.

Mark said...

Hehe, looks awesome right? =P

Anonymous said...

was pic 22 taken seconds before the earthquake in Padang?

Mark said...

LOL was already at night mah =P