Friday, October 16, 2009

A Good Life?

In about 2 weeks time, I will be turning a year older. Time DOES fly when life is good. Wait, HAS life been good to me till this point? Hmmm, let's see:

1. I have never starved severely in any point in my life. I've always had enough to eat.

2. I have always had a roof over my head. Never once have I had problems finding a place to stay or been homeless.

3. I'm never been destitute or stricken with poverty, despite my average earnings and my savings dwindling lately, due to a series of unfortunate events or life's changes that demanded monetary support. I still have enough for me to spend, although not lavishly or as indulgently as I would like.

4. I'm fit and most importantly, have a clean bill of health. VERY rarely am I down with any illness or even the common flu, thanks to healthy eating habits, regular weight-training and exercise.

5. I have a car to move about as I please, although 'she's' a bitch sometimes, demanding a lot of maintenance or repair.

6. None of my immediate family members have been stricken with any serious illness.

7. I still have a job and able to earn my monthly wages.

8. I'm not a hot or handsome guy but I'm not handicapped from birth or crippled from a ghastly accident. I have my health and all my limbs, organs and senses are intact. A lot of people tend to forget that when comparing themselves with other people. Nothing beats being able to move freely. I grateful that I can see, hear, feel and taste everything around me.

9. I have great friends who care deeply about me and I have no enemies (I think so).

Seems from what I've listed, I DO have a good life. I don't have a great or glamorous one, but I definitely don't have a bad one. I have all my needs met, and more often than not we forget how vital they are, until we lose them. Needs are what you can't do without or life will be very difficult, and I'm lucky to have all the basic ones. I just hope God will continue smiling down on me in the years to come =)


the penile poet said...

Then why are you not truly happy?

Mark said...

No one is truly happy. We just try our best =)