Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Awesome Trip To Malacca! - Part 1

Sorry I didn't update since Oct started. I just came back from an awesome Malacca trip from 2nd to 5th Oct. Seriously, what could be more fun than a road trip with great friends back to a nostalgic place? (Since I remembered to bring my camera along this time, plenty of pics ahead!)

I had to meet my friends in KL first, so I took Aeroline down to Kl last Friday. My best friend Joe came to pick me up at Sunway before we headed for dinner at The Curve. We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp for the first time! I just loved the extensive but quaint decor there.

Food there was pretty awesome too =)

This was the seafood platter thingy we ordered just to try more things.

Blueberry smoothie and Bourbon Street Barramundi (I think I got the name right).

Being Bubba Gump 'virgins', the nice (and cute) waiter stopped at our table to explain the restaurant's unique concept. The BLUE sign meant that waiters could ignore us and just pass us by, while the RED sign meant they had to stop to take orders or entertain our requests.

After dinner, met up with the girls and some other friends for drinks before I headed back to Ash's place to spend the night. Next Saturday morning, we were headed to Malacca in 2 cars! Gosh, I was excited coz I hadn't been back to Malacca since I graduated from MMU, which was almost 3 years ago. As SOON as we got to Malacca. It was LUNCH time and a nostalgic one too. We ate at Family Heritage Cafe in Bukit Beruang, which serves REALLY good Nyonya, Western and Chinese cuisine. Forgot to take pics there T.T

After that, we headed to our service apartments called Garden City, located in Melaka Raya, pretty near to Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan. The place was nice, clean and spacious enough, with 3 bedrooms capable of accommodating at least 6 people.

That night before we headed for dinner, we were for a stroll at Jonker Street first. Gosh, I missed it so much! I gotta say, they've really refurbished that place and lotsa new shops opened too.

Damn famous dessert shop there, the LONG queue should justify it. IMHO, desserts like cendol or ais kacang taste MUCH better in Malacca coz they use gula melaka which is more fragrant, thick and oozy as opposed to normal brown sugar. YUM!

Place was so crowded, we didn't bother to go in. We were going for dinner anyways, to seafood at Umbai! Another DAMN crowded place.

Seafood we ordered that night.

Deep friend calamari (sotong goreng tepung) was awesome.

Look at them prawns!

Everyone at the table, except me taking the photo. I forgot to have someone take all of us T.T

After dinner, it was back to the apartment to celebrate Ash's birthday with a homemade cheesecake! Love you loads Ash! Yes, I did 'tapau' a lot of the cheesecake masuk perut throughout the stay there XD

Apartment was crowded in a GOOD way that night. There were already 8 of us staying there, and we had more friends come over...so BANYAK bising lor =)

Hehe, later that night, the girls were gorgeously dressed up ready to go out clubbing...

...only to be disappointed when one of our friends informed that clubs were being raided by the police. Very potong stim leh, dumb ass cops nothing better to do is it?

Too many pics, so stay tuned for Part 2 =)


Ivan said...

From the pictures, it is an awesome trips, with your fabulous friends. :D

Anonymous said...

my goodness...the last pic lol

Mark said...

Hehe yeah it was. And don't they look fabulous? =P