Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Next Course of Action

It's been rather interesting since I posted my topless photos in Facebook. I actually considered it several times before doing it. The reason being Facebook is EXTREMELY public and everyone will be able to see it, whether I like it or not. As much as I acknowledge how far I've come, I'm still kinda self conscious. Furthermore, I wouldn't wanna mislead people into thinking that I'm doing it to seek attention, dates or anything like that. I just want to show people that hard work pays off. I wanna show people that change IS possible if you want it badly enough. I want to point out that the only limits you have are the ones you put on yourself. The encouragements and good remarks I got were inspiring, thank you very much. I also got a few mixed responses that I would treat as constructive criticism, instead of a negative feedback.

A few people said that that I needed to do something about my face (I'm assuming they meant the acne!), so I will. No, I'm not talking something as drastic as plastic surgery. A good friend of mine has kindly agreed to help me on this. His younger
sisterbrother had acne issues in the past, but now
shehe looks great, thanks to a personal friend of his, who is a dermatologist. According to him, his friend doesn't charge much and is pretty good at what he does. No harm trying, right? I will refrain from ANY beauticians who'll try to shave off years of my life in an acne extraction session. Not only is it as agonizing as a NAZI TORTURE session, it's very much detrimental for my skin. I get a lot more blemishes and breakouts after that. Aside from fixing my acne, I'm looking to soften the scars on my face.

As for my training, I need to tone it down a little. Feeling pain in my joints due to added volume that I'm not accustomed to. It would suck big time if I sustained an injury. For the record, I absolutely HATE falling sick or getting injury. I'd feel so weak and incapacitated, not being able to do anything. You might say that I'm somewhat a hypochodriac as well. Any hint of sickness or injury and I'd already be taking steps to prevent it. No point getting the whole dreadful package when you can kill the mailman before he arrives! I might go back to my usual training program since I was getting results from it anyway and I like that there was more room for variation and flexibility. What I'm doing now is kinda monotonous and feeling a little bored right now. I think those were the reasons I avoided or couldn't stay on a split program for long in the first place. I'll see how it goes.

Overall, this year has been good to me so far, despite the economic slump and our new and VERY QUESTIONABLE Prime Minister!

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