Friday, January 23, 2009

Some Short Updates

Either I'm having a mental block, or just not motivated this week to write much. Just some short updates:

1. I didn't get the job, got the email today. According to the email, the interview went excellent but my skill set was not suited to fill the job. I did clarify that there was definitely some brushing up to do on the basics. I also made it clear that I would need some training but, I guess they needed someone urgently enough to be ready in the shortest amount of time upon confirmation of hiring to fill the job. What to do? Keep looking and I've registered at a few more job-seeking agencies. Really trying to look for something better here.

2. This week was SO tiring, that it's tiring just thinking about how tired I was throughout the week. I have a bloody bad habit to kill, which is sleeping at ungodly hours. I need to sleep in a timely manner and STOP sleep-depriving myself by indulging endlessly in YouTube and downloaded movies/tv series. I KNOW I'm tired, yet I won't go sleep. This is what the Chinese describe in Hokkien as 'hong so' (massage wind). Ok, the direct translation sucks and doesn't make any sense, and I don't know how to explain it. Please go ask the Hokkien friend next to you!

3. This is definitely a week of good food. Been feasting when I go out with friends or Bobo. I'm always wary of my physical condition and it feels like I'm getting bigger. Damnit, I'm screwing up my #1 new year's resolution. Usually even when I eat a lot, I don't generally gain more than a kilo because I work out regularly and will regulate myself before I go too far. In fact, I even look for a gym when I go traveling, especially when I stay at a good hotel. Can't help it, it's a habit so don't roll your eyes when I ask for gym time if you're traveling with me! On the other hand, my boobs chest feels bigger. Wanna touch? Come come...XD

4. Bobo has stopped working and will continue to focus on his studies. So he has more time for me, and I feel bad that I'm constantly tired lately. I know it's bad when even the thought of working out makes me cringe. Good news is, I'll be off work until Wednesday next week. Plenty of time to bury myself under the sheets and catch a good deal of slumber!

5. My not-so-trusty-anymore Wira is making some suspicious squeaking noises again. I HOPE it's nothing serious. That ol' bitch thing has been screwing me over since the past year.

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Bengbeng said...

Tomorrow will b better is a saying. Happy new year friend.