Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Information Leak

Just came back from lunch at work. I got a shock when one of my colleagues mentioned that I went to interview in KL. Apparently, the production folks already know and told my colleague that I went for the KL interview. I didn't want to disclose anything until everything was confirmed and I've received the offer letter. In fact, if I didn't get it, I wouldn't have bothered saying anything at all.

More importantly, how DID the folks in production KNOW? I never told anyone from work. Neither did I update my status about it in Facebook. The ONLY place I mentioned the interview was here in my blog. So, someone at work DOES read my blog, which is very surprising to me. Then, I guess they would also know about my 'orientation' as well. However, I don't really care, because I had no intention to hide it in the first place, which shouldn't suggest that I go around announcing it.

Keeping my fingers crossed for Friday!


Anonymous said...

OMG! This is scary and interesting at the same time. Scary because you don't know who from the company is reading your blog and interesting because you now have to act as a detective to find out more. Hahaha!!! Anyway, you didn't do anything illegal or harmful to others so don't bother what they think or say. God knows you're innocent! Or are you? Hehehe...

Mark said...

Hehe...it's kinda scary, but I'm not really gonna dig out the culprit =P

Also, I'm ALWAYS a picture of innocence XD