Thursday, November 27, 2008

30 More Things About ME

Having a mental block these few days, so I decided to write this instead...=P

1. I have a terrible habit of not being punctual when meeting up with friends. I think they can attest to that very much. Yes yes...I know, I need to work on that!
2. I have bad sleeping habits. Sleeping late and irregular sleeping times are affecting me lately. Shit...getting old already lah!
3. I'm somewhat of a hypochondriac.
4. I like the color red, as it signifies victory, luck and power.
5. I like the color green, as it signifies 'yes' or go ahead (think green at the traffic light), nature and peace.
6. I like the color black, as it's sleek, stylish and goes with anything.
7. I can be very fickle-minded and indecisive, thanks to genes from my mum.
8. I do bite my nails sometimes but much less now.
9. I have a small scar on my butt (won't tell you which cheek!), as a result of swinging from a large swing and getting my ass scraped on the fence when I was young. Luckily, no tetanus shot needed!
10. I love foods that makes my mouth/fart stink: durians, garlic, onions, petai etc.
11. I get annoyed sometimes when things don't go as planned, especially if I'm planning an outing. Seriously, you will see it in my face.
12. Cute animals make me all mushy.
13. I don't smoke.
14. I don't care for alcohol. I only drink slightly in during any social occasions, like during clubbing.
15. I've never done drugs.
16. I don't like being fake, what you see is what you get.
17. I don't like people who are fake.
18. I think kissing in the rain is incredibly romantic.
19. I love coffee.
20. I think I'm addicted to caffeine...
21. I am someone who emphasizes on efficiency. Redundancy and inefficiency can really drive me up the wall.
22. I like being clean, neat and tidy. I don't like feeling dirty (hygiene-wise, dunno why I needed to point that out...) or living in a dirty environment!
23. I love chocolate.
24. I'm allergic to sulfur. I'm not sure if I'm still allergic to it, since I had my last allergic reaction as a kid.
25. I'm allergic to certain types of alcohol. Can't remember which specifically (I know it wasn't beer, gin or vodka), but had some nasty rashes all over after drinking some during clubbing.
26. When watching horror movies, I shut my ears, instead of eyes. It's the sudden sounds or crashes that scare me, but I still love it!
27. I'm not afraid to cry when watching a touching movie, but I usually do it when I'm alone. I find that it's a good way to release any pent-up emotions.
28. I love the rain.
29. Aside from movies, I like watching shows on cooking, traveling, animals and cultural documentaries.
30. I'm slightly lactose intolerant. Too much dairy will have me running to the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

Hello? Did you type this post while half asleep or in a rush? Because some of the facts are doubled while others are missing conjunctions in the grammar.

Nos. 4,5,6 can be under the same topic because it's all about colours. And why are you using the American English spelling? Eee...I cannot stand it. Lol...

No.16: the word "if" should be "is".

No.17 is missing the word "like".

No. 18 is missing the word "in".

Nos.19 & 20 are the same thing. Hehehe...

Nos. 3 & 22 are same topic too.

Zemien said...

Good... at least you know item #1 deserves to be right on top -_-"


Mark said...

Calvin: Wah, never have I felt so much scrutiny in my blog post before...

I treat no.4, 5 and 6 differently coz they are different colors and I like them for different reasons.

Fixed no.16, 17 and 18

No.19 and 20 are not the same thing. I could drink decaf and caffeine doesn't just come from coffee right? Not that I'm saying I take caffeine pills, but I do take most of my caffeine from coffee anyways.

No. 3 and 22 are not the same thing =)

Yeah...maybe I was a bit loopy or hasty when posting this. A lot of missing words.

Zemien: YES, I put it first coz I know how you will respond XD

Medie007 said...

so goodie boy. no drugs no smoking no alcohol. guess what, i tried all, and i'm heading towards alcohol a lot too. :P