Saturday, November 8, 2008

Apartment Stay @ Seri Bayu

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. Photos from last week are not up yet and I HAVE GOT to get me a digital camera. We had an apartment stay at Seri Bayu apartments at Batu Ferringhi area in Penang. This was actually planned for my birthday last weekend, but postponed to this week as we couldn't get a 3 bedroom apartment. The place was alright. It was only RM 160 per night, so we won't expect a luxury apartment. However, no one brought a camera...-_-"

To top it all off, about half of those who were supposed to come decided they were too rich, bought plane tickets and sent them to us without boarding it (Fong Fei Kei!). For those who do not understand, kindly refer to a nearest Chinese friend. Instead of the 10-12 people planned, we only had 6, including my BF and I. Luckily, a couple of unexpected guests arrived to add more merriment. One of them was a friend of ours, let's call him J (I will not name here at the risk of getting beheaded should he discover I blogged about him here). The other, we suspected, was his new found beau.

EDIT: Out of request from certain parties, part of this post has been removed.

All of us had a great time. The night was riddled with laughter and fun. We plan to do it again sometime and this time, DEMAND payment first...especially from suspected rich plane boarders (again, read above and refer to nearest Chinese friend!). My dearest and I had a fabulous time on our first night out together. After all, we had our own room =)

PS: Because I'm nice, here's the definition of Fong Fei Kei:

Fong Fei Kei is a popular Cantonese catch phrase that means breaking the promise of an appointment. If directly translated to English, it means 'releasing aeroplane'.


Anonymous said...

Wow! So MATCH that your BF was your friend's ex-BF :P

I'm still single and available and no one's ex-BF :p

Mark said... I said, PENANG is freakin' small! You can bump into anyone...