Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wonderful KL Trip!

Updated with pictures.

As expected, the KL trip this time was AWESOME! The reunion was everything I expected it to be; lots of laughter, rowdy conversations, updates on our lives and...more laughter! GOSH...this just makes me realize how much I miss spending time with Ash, Vivien and OJ in the past. Spending just 1 year together in Uni really wasn't enough, but I really thank my lucky stars that I got to know them during my final years in MMU.

Martin and I set out from Penang at around 12 noon on Saturday, after I managed to get some of the famous (and heavenly!) Tau Sar Peah or Tambun Biscuits from Him Heang. We reached KL pretty quickly, took only about 4 and a half hours. Fast forward, met Vivien, Ash and OJ for dinner at Bavarian Bierhaus @ The Curve and things pretty much took off from there. Had a blast during dinner (thanks for the treat Ash! *muaks*) before we took ourselves to settle for some tea and Lavender Cheesecake at Winter Warmers (thanks for the treat Vivien! *muaks*), whilst observing the passing crowd, gleefully poking fun at each other and making more noise along the bustling corridors.

Later on, clubbing was next and we decided to go to Oblique, since some of my friends and I hadn't been there before. I believe it was replacement for S.I.N club previously. Anyways, there were a total of 12 of us; Me, Isaac, Adrian, Martin, Sam Sam, Ash, Vivien, OJ (yes, straight guy going to a gay club...shocking!), Wilson, Lawrence, Fan Ting and Shirley. Music was great BUT it was hot as hell. Maybe the air-conditioning has malfunctioned OR...they were trying to get the guys to go topless. Heck, even I felt like just stripping off my top! But...being the good, shy boy that I am, I didn't *blush*. Met some of my other friends from KL and Penang (OMGWTFBBQ! I rarely go to KL for clubbing and still can bump into you guys...talk about a small world!). Oh, and there were plenty of hot topless guys in there already, I doubt I would add anything (although I think there are more hot guys @ Marketplace) =P

After clubbing, naturally, it was supper time! Went for supper at Restoran Nasi Kandar Penang behind Nikko Hotel before we headed home. By the time my head hit the pillow, it was already 6 am and I've screwed up my biological clock, but I was too tired to care.

Sunday was a more relaxing day, just spent it amongst the four of us (Me, Isaac, Adrian and Martin) and we went to the Celebrity Fitness at One-U. It was the longest time I spent to workout and oogling at a few hot guys there, more than 2 hours in total. Had to prolong my workout session since the three stooges of them wanted to join 2 classes back to back, so I was on my own. After gym, we headed to Jaya One in PJ for dinner and we had...Wendy's. Yes yes, I know...all the workout effort gone to waste, but I don't care. I've never had Wendy's before and I'm supposed to have fun in KL damnit! =P

So, after makan macam babi, sure need to tidur macam babilah! Which was exactly what I did after we got back to Isaac's place. Finally, we left KL in the afternoon and headed back to Penang on Monday. Damn, time flies when you're having fun XD

Looking forward to another trip down in Oct or Nov =)

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