Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Trip and A Reunion in KL

I'll be heading down to KL this coming weekend (27-28th Sept), returning to Penang only on Monday! I plan to drive down along with my friend Martin and staying over my good friend Isaac's place somewhere in Damansara. Not sure where it is but according to him, it's pretty near The Curve and 1-Utama. I chose to drive because Hari Raya is starting next week, so I DOUBT I'll be able to get any bus tickets back to Penang. Whenever I head down to KL, of course, clubbing is almost always a MUST! Thinking of going to either Oblique Club or re-visiting Market Place in KL. Looking forward to seeing Sam Sam and some other friends too!

Another reason I'm excited this time is because I'll be seeing Vivien, Ash and OJ again! Ash and Vivien were my good gal pals during my last years in Uni and OJ was my housemate, whom I also spent a lot of time with.

Some pics from dinner on my last night in Malacca more than 2 years ago, before I returned to Penang for good.

The gorgeous Vivien.

OJ the hairy paki and the vivacious Ash (this was actually on OJ's b'day).

The lovely (but blur =P) Joey.

From left: Burn, Uzma, Nisha (kena block), Me, Ash.

All smiles...'cept OJ, why so seriouslah?

Group pic! I really love this one, although my hair looks kinda dorky...

At the beach, fooling around after dinner that night...

Gosh...I really miss those last few years. The four of us are gonna have so much fun when we see each other again in KL, can't wait XD


PenangTuaPui said...

Reunions are the next best things that can happen after uni life... Seems like a lot of catching up and a lot of things to tell and share (read: gossips) hehehe

but then as time passed, we'll come out with multiple excuses ... not to attend reunions hhahaha

Mark said...

Hehe, you're right about lotsa catching up to do. But we still haven't gotten to the part of making excuses yet =P

Ah-Bong said...

enjoy urself in kl. ;)