Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life is too SHORT!

Lately, I've been hit by a splash of wanderlust. I find myself more eager to explore places that I've known or wondered about and long to grace the shores of the unfamiliar and distant. Even in Penang, I'm exploring parts of the island that I've heard of but never bothered to venture to. I'm also planning to travel to more places within and outside of Malaysia. I never got a chance to travel overseas before. I haven't even been on a plane before! Let's say, I never got the chance due to my family's financial struggles in the past. But now that I'm working and earning well, I really hope to broaden my horizons and see the world. And I should definitely do it when I'm still young!

Aside from exploring new places, I find that the foodie in me has awakened as well. I find myself more passionate about exploring and tasting good food, which I really believe, is one of the GREATEST pleasures of life. Yes...aside from fitness, food is another passion of mine. Living in Penang, the food haven of Malaysia, good food is DEFINITELY abundant. Heck, I've even been looking up food blogs specifically for Penang to know all the great and exciting places to eat (you can find some goods ones in my blog list, I assure you). There's SO many I tell you, ranging from hawker food to restaurants, covering various cuisines. Therefore, I plan to sample a new place each week. I definitely think that great food helps to bond friends and family together, so I'll be asking friends to go with me! I've already assembled a 'crew' to go on food tasting expeditions! So, my friends from elsewhere, consider yourself lucky when you come to Penang, coz I will know more good places to take you for good food. Be prepared to gain a few pounds XD

Why do I suddenly feel the need to travel and explore new things? I'm beginning to realize more and more, that life to far too short to be wound around the familiar and mundane routines of daily life. Life is too short to be doing the SAME things over and over again. Life is too short to be stuck in one place my entire life. Life is too short, yet there is SO much to see, learn and experience. Generally, life is just TOO SHORT!

So I should take charge NOW! I should venture out and explore! I should feast my senses with new experiences! And so should you =)


Anonymous said...

If you think it is right thing to do, JUST DO IT! For me, I don't care to gain any weight as I'm very slim :p...

Mark said...

Hehe...not very relevant to what I wrote, but OK!