Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2 Friggin' Weeks!

Yeah, it's been THAT long since I last updated. Not coz I was lazy or anything, but life has been a huge handful lately.

As of today, it's been 3 months into the new job. Still trying to grasp the elaborate processes required but one major thing that sticks out like a sore thumb. There are SOOO MANY DOCUMENTS! Seriously, I come from a paperless environment in my last job, and this is something I still have trouble adjusting to. Everything has to be printed out, submitted and kept for documentation. I think I will kill a small tree every three months. We are a global company and I find it ridiculous that we're taking part in Go Green initiatives and using so much paper.

Also, file organization in the system is almost non-existent. In simpler terms, it's a freakin' mess. So properly revision control, lack of updates and plenty of incomplete documents. Sometimes I can't really blame them. The amount of documents to print, file and keep is tremendous!

What I MISS THE MOST is the flexibility and freedom I used to have. I miss coming and going as I please. I miss submitting my leaves online and adjusting as needed at any time. Here, I wanna go on half day leave also have to submit two forms and wait for boss's approval before I can get out of the plant.

I won't even bother to mention what a bother it is not to have internet. How the hell am I going it google for WOW stuff, Facebook all day, update my blog and watch Youtube work stuff then? One good thing is that I don't park my ass in front of the desk most of the time, except if I have some documents to do. Or else, I'd bore myself to death. So I'm usually up and about.

Our production is FILLED female operators, mostly Malay or Indon, that like to give awkward stares every time I pass by in production. Sorry ladies, even with enough make-up on to kill a wild elephant, and even though I think some of you are actually gorgeous...I'm not interested. Why aren't there any cute guy operators? Sigh ><

The big kahuna has begun dumping numerous projects on me, when I'm still in the dark about most of the processes here, so I'm kinda struggling to keep myself afloat. Communication really needs to improve here, especially for some colleagues in my own department. Giving me bits and pieces and incomplete info and you expect me to perform optimally?

On the other hand, I do enjoy the company of my colleagues. I find them to be matured, nice, friendly and kinda fun. I felt a sense of welcome as soon as I began as they included me in most of their activities right away. The organization in my office isn't that huge, so everyone basically know each other, making it seem like a more closely knit community. That, and the slightly higher salary are the only positives that I can derive at the moment. It's no wonder when some of the older folks would bet on how many of the new people would actually stay for long. Recently, a new person in probation left after just 5 months =/

Exactly a month ago, I went for an interview (surprise, surprise!) in one of the top US companies that sells one of the world's best technologies *hint*. I really hope I can get it. They are still in the process of selection, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed since there are 4 positions available and only 10 people, including myself interviewed for that position.

Pray for me...will you? =)

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