Monday, March 7, 2011

It Has Been A Year

Who'd have thunk that when I went out with zai2 for the first time, we would be together up to a year? As of 3 March, a year has gone by since we declared ourselves officially as a couple. Last Thursday, we had a great dinner at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, Soba Yoshi at Krystal Point. Great tasting, authentic (you know it's good when plenty of Japanese ex-pats and foreigners eat there regularly) and fresh food with large portions and prices from reasonable to extravagant, I just can't get enough of it. Zai2 knows I love it, so he insisted we had there. I was paying anyways =p

Months ago, I won a lucky draw from the company's team-building event at Hydro Majestic Hotel at Batu Ferringhi. The prize was a voucher for a free 2D1N stay there as well, inclusive of breakfast. As soon as I won it, I HAD to reserve it for zai2. I knew he'd love it, since we rarely got to travel and stay together. The room was spacious and satisfactorily clean, especially the bathroom. I have NO tolerance for dirty toilets or bathrooms. We checked in at around 3:30pm there, settled down our things and was prepared to head out again. I planned to watch a movie at TGV since we both love the seats and popcorn there. However, zai2 got a little too 'excited' and we left at around 5pm instead.

We arrived at 1st Avenue almost an hour later and I was STARVING, thanks to the activity prior. We headed to the cinema to check out the movies and decided on I Am Number Four at 6.55pm. Then, we headed down to the lower ground floor to Old Town for some light snacks. I had a couple of soft-boiled Omega 3 eggs and a single PB toast, whilst zai2 ordered the indulgent french toast. Zai2 left half for me to finish since I was so famished, and pounded away on his PSP. After all that and popcorn later in the movies, fat die me ><

I Am Number Four was pretty good. Storyline was simple and straightforward, the protagonist was smokin' hot and the action was outstanding, especially at the end. It is just me or is TGV's screen bigger? Seriously, the hero was shirtless a bunch of times (not complaining here XD) and his nipples were almost the size of my head...which is also HAWT! Also, it's my first time in a BEANIEPLEX! RM 13 per person for a couple-seat bean bag chairs, I HAD TO TRY IT OUT (very jakun here). As soon as I stepped into the beanieplex, I knew some couples were regulars, brought blankets somemore.

After the movie, we met up with Dennis at Coffee Bean in Gurney Plaza, since zai2 wanted to try out the new yogurt dessert they have there. He ordered the yogurt parfait, which was quite alright. A pleasant chat and some roaring laughter later, we headed to the nearby hawker center for some light supper. By the time we got back to the hotel, I was pooped. I didn't get much sleep that night. Zai2 was in sticky mode, so he wanted to cuddle and sleep...but that gina was like a worm, wriggling here and there during the night. As a result, I woke up multiple times T.T

On Sunday morning, we headed to the beach opposite the hotel after breakfast. Climbed some rocks, smashed some barnacles growing on rocks and watched a elderly woman opening oysters on some rocks. We walked around for a short while before zai2 complained it was getting hot. By the time we got back to the hotel, he complained that his legs were hurting from all the stairs. Hehe, what a little diva! We packed up and still had a little time to spare so zai2 got 'excited' again. So we ended up checking out 30 mins late, luckily still can get my deposit back =P

All in all, I could see that zai2 was really happy over the weekend =)

Happy 1 year anniversary zai2!~


Jason said...

congratulations to both of you!! ^___^

Marky's Little Devil said...

Hummphh go beaniplex dowan cuddle cuddle oso >.< scare ppl see...hold ur hands also don't want...

and also, yerr..write all 'exciting' stuff here one >.<

p/s: he ate like 3/4 of my yoghurt parfait >.< end up i eat a little bit only...

William said...

Congrats! How he did he explain the hotel stay to his mum?

Chen Xing said...

Indeed what an "exciting" celebration to commemorate the anniversary.

Happy anniversary to you two !

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time - wish I had an anniversary coming up - great idea.