Monday, July 5, 2010

Procrastination Run Amuck

Seriously, I never thought I'd be away from my bloggie for more than a week, but it's been two weeks! =O

Anyhow, I'm doing fine. Just LOTS of bits and pieces that I'm picking up in my life. I am an occasional procrastinator. I tend to put certain many things off when something else catches my fancy or when I just let loose and laze around. That is until, they accumulate into a gargantuan pile threatening to implode, sucking me into the resulting black hole. All drama aside, don't you agree? Sometimes you put things off for so long, your to-do list expands and the sight of the things you need to do will just make you put them off even longer. You don't go motivated at the sight of it, you shy away further. That is until the pressure spills over and your conscience kicks in, telling you to start paying attention at the happy colony of spiders nestling at the corner of your ceiling, figuratively speaking.

At times, I'm at a loss with myself. It's so soothing to be lulled into a sense of self-indulgence and forget about everything around you. And suddenly, you're smacked across the head with the telephone directory that is your to-do list by the firm, invisible hand that is your conscience, prompting you to start moving your ass and do what needs to be done. Then, your day unbecomingly becomes a hive of activity as your conscience takes the wheel, shifts you into overdrive and clears your list all in one go. It might take several hours, a day or even a whole weekend, but by the end of it, it leaves you feeling incredibly productive. Then, you will settle your ass down again as the list grows like the unwanted weeds in your garden. Sometimes, you don't manage to clear everything and some things will still remain, like that pesky aunt who keeps gossiping non-stop, and won't stop talking and just leave.

Thus, the cycle continues.

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William said...

I'll get you a cattle prod for your birthday.