Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Meat Grinder

No, this is NOT a title of a porn flick, but a Thai horror movie that was released August last year but never reached our shores.

Now, I love horror movies. And the weird thing about me is that I'm NOT scared of the sights, but rather the sudden, heart-jumping sounds. So, don't laugh when you see me covering my ears instead of my eyes during a scary scene.

However, there are some movies that don't just give you that instant scare. They jolt you deeper within. They are not just tugging, but pulling furiously at your emotional and psychological nerves. They just rape you emotionally and psychologically. Those are the movies that leave your with multiple WTFs when you watch it, and still leave you WTF'ed as you move your shaken legs out of the cinema while nursing your profusely disturbed soul.

This...is one of them.

Seriously, watching the trailer alone was enough to fuck me up slightly. If you think Sweeney Todd was messed up, this freaky lady is going all out solo. I've just begun downloading it.

This gory feast of murder and cannibalism may convert you into a vegetarian. - hollywoodreporter
I wonder if I'll be able eat a bowl of noodles the same way after watching this...


Anonymous said...

Omigowd, the trailer itself is already freaky!!! Definitely not for the fainthearted..

Little Dove said...

I'm so gonna watch this movie. :)