Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lovely Poem

Zai2 wrote a lovely poem in FB and tagged me. I got rather upset with his last post, so we talked about it that day and everything was alright after that. As I suspected, he didn't realize what he was doing and caused some misunderstanding.

I woke up feeling blue,
You text-ed me like you'd always do,
The love of yours did I see through,
As fiery as it is true,

You'd never stopped feeding me,
But I was always ever hungry,
Never once did you get angry,
How selfish of me!

Damn my head keeps singing Alejandro,
It feels like I am about to blow,
As I thought of you I glowed,
It's 5AM now and I feel Drow,

Worry kept etching on my face,
Should be reminded of my pace,
Let us be slow and not a race,
Embrace till the end of our grace.

Be reminded we are just human,
Mistakes will we tend to do,
Treachery, blasphemy and semen,
Be calm, composed and cool.

Zai2 should definitely stick to poems =P


William said...

Semen?! :P

plainjoe said...

eh? semen? or sermon or summon? a typo or intentional? SEMEN???

ichimaru akira said...


Mark said...

Hehe, go ask zai2. Actually, I also dunno ><

carpe diem said...

Glad to know that things have turned out well.

So go spend some quality time with him. I think the reason for him writing both the post is obvious.

Talk things out always. That way all thoughts can be cleared instead of guessed.

ps. What happened to the makan makan trip to Penang?

Poet said...

poem is an art and it is intentional for the poet to write poem with improper grammar and symbolisms...

usually, only the poet will know the true meaning of the poem...

Marky's Little Devil said...

nice one poet :D Yes, i wrote it as semen...symbolism for sex...