Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yes, that's what I feel about the 4-day weekend as it races past me, leaving me to bite the dust! It seemed like yesterday when I was waiting like schoolgirl anxious to watch Twilight for the 4-day weekend to start T.T

Oh, and I forgot, SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all my Muslim friends and readers!

Nevertheless, the long weekend was filled with lotsa makan-makan (good eats). It started on Saturday, when me and some friends had dinner at TGI Friday's. I still think food in Chili's is SO much better in portion and taste though, but I really enjoyed myself nonetheless in the company of my friends. Adrian was down from KL as well, and he joined us pretty late AND the waiter forgot to key in his order. We found out only after we finished feeding him our...leftovers (seriously XD), so he ended up canceling whatever he ordered. But they would thrown away if someone hadn't finished them, so we were saints in not wasting food by forcing generously offering the leftovers to the hungry boy, k? OK, moving ON! The highlight of the whole episode at TGIF was when Jeff managed to convince one of the waiters to give us a FREE chocolate fudge ice-cream cake by faking his birthday. Well, the whole thing started coz we noticed while we were there, 2 birthdays had been celebrated by the management and we're PLU so we cannot tahan not being the center of attention Jeff thought we should give it a try. Birthdays celebrated in TGIF basically involve the whole she-bang with the TGIF staff singing a song and making you stand on the chair and sing/call someone random and then holding the cake far away whilst coaxing you to BLOW the candle out. Wah lau, so far...spit better leh! ANYHOW, Jeff was gracious enough to go with the whole she-bang (without spitting at the candle) for the free cake, much to our amusement. Mmmm...dense chocolate ice-cream cake laden with thick chocolate fudge sauce. Needless to say, I 'tapau' almost all of it in my stomach XD

Sunday was kinda a normal makan-makan day. Just a normal open house in the afternoon by my gym instructor but it was rather pleasant. Went hiking a couple of hours after that coz I felt guilty after 'tapau'ing in my stomach; lemang, ketupat, rendang daging, fried chicken, kuih raya, air sirap, potato salad and specially brewed coffee! Also, I had a wedding dinner again on that night, although I didn't really eat much. In fact, I discovered the wonders of helium balloons! No no, not that I marveled like an idiot by the fact that they float upwards in the air, BUT for the first time in my life, I did what I always saw in cartoons/movies, I inhaled the helium and made myself talk like a chipmunk! It was actually a friend's idea at the time, but it was I who ended up inhaling helium from 3 balloons and making everyone at the table burst out in tear-inducing laughter. Needless to say, we laughed until the tables next to us probably thought we were drunk. Ah, such great fun...next time got helium balloons must play again XD

Monday was another open-house, this time of the PLU kind ^^. Invites were sent by my Muslim friend Sean, via Facebook and the open-house started at 10pm till late. It was the same place I went for house-warming. This time, I was nice little angel hor. Nothing happened and I didn't entertain requests to strip hor. OK, moving ON! Most of the people there were good and familiar friends (even Zemien was there!). X didn't come, but I thought he would and it doesn't matter. REALLY, it doesn't k?!

It was such a blast anyways. What could be better than a room full of booze and good friends with plenty of laughs and camaraderie? NO, I didn't drink much, get drunk nor take off any piece of clothing. Time also seemed to whoosh past, coz before we knew it, it was already 4am! Oh, the pandaness in me shall surely return with a vengeance! Poor Adrian though. He decided to follow me there coz his friend FFK'ed going back to KL with him that night, only to finally fall asleep at my place close to 5am and wake up at 10am today to drive back alone to KL.

Today, I felt guilty coz I basically didn't have time for my mum and sis. SO, it was off to a Japanese dinner at Sakae Sushi. Honestly, Jap food gives me food-gasms and I really needed my fix! Overall, a nice long weekend except for the lack of sleep part most of it XD


Freedom09 said...

hey! I am interested to know about the helium balloons thingy. Your voice was really cartoonized? Hahahah, that would be fun. :p

J said...

What a wonderful day on the weekends? You are so lucky that you do not need to work on that days. I have to work for those weekends. :( anyway eating so much @ those weekends means you need to put more work out on the gym ...hehe!!

Mark said...

Freedom09: Yeah, it WORKS! Funny as hell XD

J: Oh? Where do you work? Why don't you add me on Facebook so that I'll know who you are? Hehe, don't worry, even though I ate a lot, it's mostly sampling the food that was there, not over-eating =)

Isaac Rizard said...

Allo Mark, sure sampling the food or relishing the food...? Reports received from Penang strongly suggested that you need an hour session on the treadmill.

Logan said...

Hi Mark,
You din mention what happened to the sofa...hehe