Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Merdeka Eve Well-Spent?

EDIT: Added some photos courtesy of Vivien.

Last weekend was nice, interesting and tiring all rolled into one. A good friend from KL came down, went clubbing to a new place which was apparently for straight people (BORING!), went for house-warming at a friend's place, which turned out to be rather interesting.

For starters, on Saturday, one of my absolute best gal friends Vivien FINALLY stepped on Penang shores after 15 years, despite living only in KL(-_-"). Anyhow, what do you do when your friends come to Penang? Why, stuff their faces with our glorious Penang food of course! She actually came with 3 of her cousins (all pretty ladies) and stayed at the cheap but good and clean Tune Hotels @ Burmah Road. Those girls were quite self-sufficient, despite haven't been to Penang for many years (pretty sure exceeding 10 years). They even rented a car for the whole weekend to go around when I couldn't meet up with them. Got lost here and there, but rather impressive that they could locate places like Kek Lok Si, Penang Hill, Batu Ferringhi and even the hidden but beautiful tourist spot there called the Sunset Bistro. Unless you drove into the sea or crossed the bridge, you'll always be lost within the island. You can always call up a friend from Penang and they can meet up with you somewhere and guide you back. Seeing her again in Penang was really great, since I'm always meeting up with her only in KL.

Vivi along with her gorgeous cousins.


The interesting part was actually on the night of Merdeka eve. There was a house-warming party by a PLU friend but I could only arrive later, since I was Vivien at Batu Ferringhi till about 11pm. Long story short, I got there with a few of my PLU friends at around 12am. The party started at around 9pm, so being pretty late was an understatement. I thought it might have died down a bit but when we got there, the place was still filled with friends of the host. Most were familiar faces to me, and made some new friends too.

Barely 5 mins I got in and sat down, X walked into the living room. Now, I had spotted X a few times in various places and thought he was kinda cute. And here, he showed up so I was kinda pleasantly surprised. Introductions then took place and as he extended his hand to mine, he said,"I have you in my Facebook, right?"

A little dumbstruck, I replied,"Do I?". After we introduced ourselves, I spent quite a few minutes figuring out who he was, then his name hit me and I DID have him in my list. The whole place was rather lively and very loud. Gosh, put many gays together and we can really bring down the house. Several points during that night, X and I talked mostly about random stuff. I found out that we shared a mutual friend, which made a good conversational piece.

As the night progressed, he was getting partially drunk. At one point, he put his hand of my arms, felt it and commented that I was quite muscular. I just smiled and said,"I'm just alright, not too big or anything." Then, he proceeded to feel me up more, his hands traveling all over inside my shirt. I was a little embarassed, coz we were just seated in the living room, in full view of everyone, though it was rather dimly lit. Several times, he wanted to go lower into my pants, but I stopped him.

After about 15 mins of getting fondled, he turned to me and said,"Wanna go make out?". He had this look on his face, like how a tiger was gonna pounce on a innocent deer (ME!).

I didn't know what to say, so he hugged me from behind and said,"I wasn't kidding you know."

So, we crossed the living room and headed into the dark guest room and for a brief make-out session, coz he was leaving soon. I guess everyone saw us and knew we were up to some hanky-panky, coz the door was unlocked and someone knocked. He had the softest lips ever, I can still taste them. It was just for fun, and I don't see anything coming from it. He's only 19 but he's cute and really my type. I'm being very cautious about CYTs (cute young things) lately since my 2nd ex.

LOL...when we were making out, he told me that I'm not taking advantage of him coz he knows what he's doing. Normally, I won't do such things, but I went with the flow this time.

SOOO, I'm not taking advantage of a 19-year-old who's partially drunk, k?

I'm an angel, k?

Good guy, k? *innocent puppy eyes*


Anonymous said...

Innocent? Angel? Good guy? Then why you follow him into the room in the first place, Mr. Good Innocent Angel Guy? Lol...

Freedom09 said...

Well, if that was somebody else (not me!), already kneel down and got your sausage disappeared in his mouth. Well, you're quite good for your self-control already.

Anyway, he is really cute. Good for you.

Zemien said...

Mmmm... saucy! That's the kind of blogpost you should be writing everyday.

You're an innocent deer...? I think that makes me a virgin schoolgirl.

Mark said...

Calvin: Oh yes I am. *adjusts halo on my head*

Freedom: =)

Mien: LOL, you think? But I don't really have much saucy encounters. I do what I can =)