Friday, September 18, 2009

We're Just Dating...For Now

Nope, we're not attached yet. He needs more time to consider since he feels that he might not be able to put himself fully into the relationship yet. He has given me a timeline on when to expect his answer and I'm ok with that. He's being honest and I respect his decision, so I'm not going to pester or put any pressure on him. If he's really thinking about fully committing into a relationship, then kinda shows that he's being serious about it, not just playing around.

So for now, no strings attached yet. We're just having fun and being there for each other as needed. I've prepared myself if he wants to withdraw and just be friends. And I'm really fine with that since I don't think forcing anyone into a relationship is beneficial to anyone, nor is it the right thing to do. Only time will tell if we end up together.

If we do, then it's good.

If not, then just move on and I've gained another friend =)


J said...

Waiting for the updates and also progress of it? Actually, I was wondering whether what place in PG can be fun that you and your partner can do together besides, watching movie and also eating ? :)

Isaac Rizard said...

Dear Mark,

After following your passionate writing about your flame, I think it is time to take thing as it is, i.e. fun as it is. Not every intimate encounter will end up as a couple.

Perhaps, it's better to hone the skills on reading the signs. Sometimes, maturity that is conveyed through spoken words may not reflect maturity in action.

If you keep hitting the same wall, there must be a resolute action taken on your part to address the issue. Perhaps, widen your scope of interest to people nearer to your age instead of someone 10 years younger (doesn't guarantee anything though). Perhaps, you should just concentrate on what you do best; making lots of friends without any intimate sexpectation, even if sexpectation is served on a platter!

You really put a tremendous effort but at the end of the day, you're exhausted because your effort are not duly recognised. You're better than this.

Mark said...

J: Those are the basic things to do here lor, not really much. You both could hang out by the beach as well in the evenings or at night. A good place would be Sunset Bistro at Ferrighi. Love that place =)

Isaac: I get what you're saying. Having said that, I'm just going with whatever that falls on my plate at the moment. I'm changing in the sense that I'm not really thinking too much and just going with the flow, wherever it may take it. Of course, there is a certain caution taken in case I don't flow and fall off the cliff. I know what I'm doing ya =)

Also, about guys younger than me, it's just a trend going on at the moment. It seems I attract guys who are much younger than me, although I DO open up my options to people my age or older than me as well. I'm just interested to see what happens next XD

Zemien said...

Well, i think you're doing the right thing.

And even if he isn't ready for a full throttle relationship, doesn't mean he never will. He might change his mind one day :)

Anonymous said...

he might change his decision or he might want to be there and use u up? never think of that huh? think again then