Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We Can Only Hope

After watching this, I have nothing but RESPECT for Obama for everything that he has done in the pursuit of equality, for his country and future generations.

I realize that it may not be my nation that is changing. Nevertheless, it touches me that another has moved many steps forward towards freedom and equality. Every action in the right direction, will ripple out and affect us all, in due time.

I can only hope, that even though it might not be within my generation, that generations to come will one day savor the same privilege as well, in our own beloved country.


Anonymous said...

sorry to break your heart pal, but in malaysia, this thing, is not gonna happen.
in what world are you really living in? wake up! the malays outnumbered us (chinese) and those uber-muslims will never let LGBT people live in peace. our Constitution clearly states that Islam is the official religion, and mark my word, they would use this excuse to expunge and terminate LGBT in this counry, and the Court would be reluctant to go against this islamic thingy as an excuse. it has already started with the Education Ministry...just wake up!
on the other hand, nice blog and sorry to hear that you n your cute zai zai are no longer together. so, can i have him now? haha

Mark said...

I know that things are going downhill for the LGBT community here (mainly getting attention for political leverage), but it doesn't mean we should just sit down and do nothing. It doesn't hurt to have some hope and faith, right?

Anyhow, you go ask him la =P