Friday, June 15, 2012

Tasty Discoveries @ Sakae Sushi

This week, I was given the privilege to attend a event to sample some of Sakae Sushi's newest creations. By now, everyone should already be familiar with the friendly green frog from the outlet that offers scrumptious Japanese cuisine. Come on, isn't he just adorable?

Sakae offers a wide range of items on the menu that leaves you spoiled for choice, ranging from teppanyaki, yakimono, agemono, tempura, nabemono, Japanese noodles and donburi. While offering tasty Japanese delights at reasonable prices, Sakae is constantly innovative in creating new ways to offer customers the best value in terms of variety, food quality and dining experience.

The first dish to arrive was the Kaisen Salad (RM16.90), which looked both vibrant and appetizing. Top of the salad consisted of prawns, tuna flakes, snow crab leg and is strewn with shrimp roe. All this was sitting on a bed crunchy, raw cabbage and surrounded by lettuce, halved cherry tomatoes, blanched broccoli and seaweed. It came with a side of creamy goma (sesame) dressing. The prawns and crab tasted fresh, while the shrimp roe added a hint of saltiness that was just right. The dressing with really delicious and nutty, and really made the dish. I found myself wanting more in the end, as there were more salad than dressing, even after we mixed it through. The salad overall had great texture, with the crunchy assorted vegetables and the soft seafood.

Next up, came the Kaisen Pirikara Nabe (RM 24.90). It was an abundant and appetizing seafood hotpot that comprised of prawns, squid, salmon, Japanese fish-cake, scallop, assorted vegetables (napa cabbage, shiitake mushroom, hon-shimeji mushrooms, leeks and sliced onions) and some glass noodles in a kimchee soup. The seafood was fresh and not overcooked. The soup was flavorful, but the spiciness was definitely milder than Korean version. However, I felt that it lacked just a slight bit of saltiness, which would really add a bit more depth to the flavor of the soup and bring out a tad more savoriness. I added a small amount of shoyu and it was perfect.

After that, it was time for some new sushi dishes. First up was the Ebi Crepe (RM5.99). A luscious roll with whole-cooked prawn, crab stick, lettuce and egg mayonnaise wrapped in a light crepe layer. Taste-wise, it was just alright for me. It could use a bit more texture, as each bite was a bit too soft. Perhaps adding cucumber would be good, just for some crunch.

The Sakae Blossom (RM9.99) was just gorgeous and just as lovely to eat. It was an intricately-designed roll with very lightly grilled salmon as the blossom, with sides covered in shrimp roe and finished with small dollop of mayonnaise on top. It was easily one of my favorite sushi of the night. But then, I love anything with lots of shrimp or salmon roe =)

The Soft Shell Crab Maki (RM 5.99) was scrumptious. The combination of soft shell crab, sweet beancurd and spicy mayonnaise really made each bite sing. Also, I love anything with crispy soft shell crab, but who doesn't? =P

The Inari Avocado Ebi (RM7.99) was pretty good as well. The salad dressing, avocado and sweet beancurd skin combination was tasty but it wasn't as memorable for me.

Another favorite for me was the Hana Maki (RM9.99). It was a beautifully crafted flower rolls with delicate, fresh, raw salmon petals wrapping a sushi rice centre and topped generously with mayonnaise and shrimp roe. The richness of the salmon and mayo made each bite melt in my mouth.

The Hotate Mentaiyaki (RM20.90), which is succulent half-shell scallops grilled with cod fish roe, tasted both creamy and fresh. The scallops were still soft and slightly briny and cod fish roe tasted almost like mayo. I'm not sure if any mayo was added to the topping.

I've always loved the Genmaicha (brown rice tea, which is green tea combined with roasted brown rice) that is served in Sakae. The roasted brown rice really gives it a pronounced, toasty and delicious flavor.

The last item was the Curry Udon (RM12.90), which came with Japanese fishcake slices, chicken, cubed carrots and potatoes. The texture of the curry is not as thick but taste-wise, it didn't disappoint. We were all stuffed by then but still managed to scoff it down.

After all the fantastic food, we were ushered outside for a group photo with none other than the plump green frog. It was flattering as some of the marketing crew, along the with the frog, came all the way from KL for this event!~

Yes, I look like I'm still hungry, as I tried to steal a bite on the froggie XD

A big shout-out to Emily, as it was her birthday that day!~ And she met her prince frog form. Not yet kiss mah, so haven't transformed yet.

When we got back in, we were surprised with dessert and presented with 4 flavors of their ice-cream. From the top: Dragon fruit, passion fruit, black sesame and green tea. My favorite were the dragon fruit and passion fruit ones, albeit it digressed from the usual Japanese flavors. I loved the refreshing, bright and clean taste of both =)

Each of us got a goodie bag, with a little green froggie inside too!~

A big thanks to Sakae Sushi for gracefully hosting us and making sure we had a great time that night. Also, thanks to my buddy Criz and our helpful organizers from Foodsion for making this happen =)


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I recently had their salmon head soup. A hearty meal.

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