Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Revival of the Pooh

It has been a little more than 7 months since my last post. I've decided at the last post that I no longer had the inspiration nor the time to sustain my blog. However, a recent circumstance compelled me to resurrect this little bloggie from the dusty, cobwebbed tomb that I've left it in. So, here I am. Hopefully ready once again to pen finger my thoughts for the amusement of the cyber community and my once avid (I hope) followers. What has transpired for the past 7 months of my absence here?

For starters, my work organization went for a re-shuffle beginning of this year. I was freed from the tyranny of the 'shining' (a term branded by some of my new co-workers for my bald, tall and imposing Indian ex-boss) and I was left in the hands of a proper manager. One whom I'm more than happy to work with, as we knew that he has a good rep and was pleasant to work with, and am still happy to do so today. That alone lifted a great deal of stress off my shoulders, and I felt like working in a proper office again. Not struggling with a 'kuli' and big boss relationship, but a professional employee and manager one.

And it seems that my ex-boss is facing sort of a downward spiral at the moment. We did a survey last year, as do all large companies, regarding anything from working conditions to direct supervisors and top 3 lowest points in our department was selected for a workshop to brainstorm for improvements early this year. My ex-boss was one of them LOL. Also, we just changed dept head (his boss) and plant manager as well. Basically, he is also under new management as well and we wonder how he will cope because we know that even current managers and dept heads dislike him or working with him. I know it bears a hint of cruelty to chuckle gleefully at that, but he treated us like dirt with no respect, made my life miserable, didn't teach my shit and even gave me a borderline low performance.

Zai2 and I aren't together anymore. It happened early this year and we agreed mutually to separate. I won't elatborate right now but I was at a point in my life where I had a little too much to handle, among other things. But all in all, we're both still good friends and pretty much enjoying our single lives. I'm not really looking for anything right now, but wouldn't mind sampling some 'goods'. So far, haven't done that.

It seems now that I'm in my early 30s, my focus has shifted and my perspective has changed. In my 20s, all I could think about was finding a BF. Now, I'm more concerned about enhancing my network of friends or contacts and pondering about my financial future. Not that I'm poor or anything, but just wanna focus on improving my lifestyle. And money opens up more options. Life has been pretty quiet in Penang, with quite a few of my close friends having left the country to work/study overseas. As much as I love Penang to bits, I miss KL a lot. I love the city life plus have many friends there that I really enjoy hanging out with. You know who you are =)

So far, the year 2012 has been pretty good and we're already almost halfway through. I hope the second half will bring better things!~


Bravebear said...

good to hear that u are doing well =)

Mark said...

Hehe, but how come I can't access your blog?