Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Very Close Shave

Yesterday, something almost happened that would have changed my life forever.

It was the early evening after work. I was a slightly groggy but still very much alert. I had just exited the Jelutong expressway via the Pantai Jerejak exit and made a U-turn around the Queensbay roundabout, which was my usual route when coming home from work. Right before I entered a small overhead bridge into Pantai Jerejak, I saw two motorcycles parked on the left, and a group of people with umbrellas near it. As I entered the left lane and passed that scene, what I thought was an accident turned out to be four ladies, each with an umbrella of different color, walking between the parked motorcycles to get through. I was distracted for about 4-5 seconds.

When my eyes shifted to the front again, I was stunned when I saw three men pushing a car up the bridge right in front of me! How did I NOT SEE THEM as I was going up the bridge? I was moving at about 50-60 kph at the time and when I saw them, I was only about 2 cars away. In a fit of utter shock, I knew in a split second I HAD TO slam the brakes. I don't know why or how, but when I lifted my foot from the accelerator to hit the brakes, it got caught UNDERNEATH the brake pedal! My right leg must've shifted a little when I was jolted with shock. It was like something out of Final Destination.

In the brink of panic, I immediately SWERVED my car to the right and NARROWLY avoided the guy pushing on the right. There was no screeching of tires, nor did I even have time to honk, so I doubt they even noticed. What good would honking do anyway? At that speed and distance, when they turned around to even look, it would've been too late. Thank God there weren't any cars or motorists on my right when I swerved. I really didn't have time to even take glimpse at right rear-view mirror to check.

After that REALLY close shave, I was terribly shaken, dumbstruck and in shock. My mind raced over what almost happened and I thanked God OVER AND OVER again for not letting something truly horrible transpire. I couldn't sleep last night. Horrible images of what could have happened kept flooding my mind, triggering fear and anguish. What if I swerved and there were other vehicles or motorist on my right? What if I didn't manage to swerve and hit all three of them straight on without any BRAKES? What if I swerved, hit a vehicle and without a chance to hit the brakes, still slammed into the men? Imagine what would happen if I had crashed into them head-on? All three of them would suffer the brute force of the crash and be crushed between two vehicles, mine and the one they were pushing uphill. I had almost killed three people and they didn't even know it. They wouldn't have even seen it coming. In a split second, ours lives would have taken an ugly twist, something that would've been irreparable and mar our lives forever.

NEVER had I been so grateful to God for watching over me and not letting something as horrific as this happen. I would've been scarred for life if it did.

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


William said...

Woah. I did not imagine it like that. Distractions are dangerous. The Lord was merciful. Glad things are fine! *hugs

cookiedonut said...

"life is uncertain, so live like there's no tomorrow and enjoy every single second you're living now"

that's what i get to realized recently =)

carpe diem said...

We all have to be very careful and alert on the road. I know how exactly you feel.

pikey said...

Next time, look straight ahead lor.. lols

Anonymous said...

So, you're not gay after all! You were distracted by ladies!

Mark said...

William: Believe me, I kept saying thank God all the way home and couldn't sleep well that night. I'm glad He was watching over me =)

CD: LOL, not really relevant wor ><

Carpe: Yeah, this was one of the extremely rare times that I really distracted. I always have my eyes glued to the road.

Pikey: Yalor ><

Anon: Ermm, distracted by what was happening at the side was more like it. Those ladies were foreign workers I think, most likely Indon.

Ultraman Jino said...

pandu la baik baik. not only must watch out of distraction out of window, beware of the person next to you too...

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Bengbeng said...

i am so glad nothing more serious happened

Little Dove said...

You have a guardian angel. Glad you are alright.

Qboy said...

Fooh! Seriously close shave!

A friend of my brother had this really horrible experience where a man knocked down by another car bounced to his windscreen! Trauma for life!

p/s. Hi Mark! :D

savante said...

Glad everything's fine! :) Just keep your eyes on the road and you should be fine.

Mark said...

Jino: Yalo ><

Bengbeng: Yeah, I'm so thankful =)

Dove: Thanks buddy.

Qboy: Yeah, something like this will always haunt you. And hi there! =)

Savante: Exactly!~