Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Love Bulan Puasa

Yes, I love the fasting month for several reasons.

Ramadhan is the time when you can get the best Malay food out there. And Ramadhan bazaars are indeed the place to be. All the grilled meats, a wide selection of delectable Malay dishes and desserts, and even fusion foods can be found. Usually I'm so spoilt for choice, I don't even know what to get unless I scout the entire bazaar before I can decide. It's like a huge buffet spread that is cheap.

Another reason I love it because the roads are usually clear, especially during weekend afternoons. However, traffic does tend to pick up when evening looms, when our Muslim friends scout for buka puasa food. Heck, I love buka puasa foods too, but I don't puasa lah ><. Even the shopping malls are a lot less congested on weekends, except at night.

I really miss going sahur with my Muslim housemates. I can still remember when I'd be head-shoting people in Counterstrike in a cyber cafe till the wee hours in the morning. Then, going for sahur with my Malay friends to adjacent Malay food shops that would usually open until 5-6 am to cater to the crowd. Ah, great times. Miss them a lot T.T


William said...

You sahur, tapi tak posa!
Sigh, Malay food in KL so sub-standard... just simply2 je.

Mark said...

Oh, I've only had buka puasa food at Penang and Malacca. Both are good, especially the Malay dishes =P