Monday, March 22, 2010

With The Blang and Besties in KL

Just got back from KL again. I arrived on Friday night just for a short trip. The main agenda attending a friend's birthday party @ Bangsar on Sat nite. I promised her I would come for her birthday party since January. Heck, I really can't back out anymore when I clicked 'Attending' on the event invitation page in Facebook! This time, I stayed with my bestie Joe and his BF in Puchong. It's been a while since I stayed with Joe, felt nice coz I rarely get to see him these days =)

Also, I decided to meet up with the blang (blogging gang) again. So, messages were sent to respective bloggers via FB and William was appointed as my unofficial planner, and it was done. Sat kicked off at 12pm with a dim sum lunch @ Yuen Garden with William, Bear, Pikey, SK, Ichi, Joe and Joe's BF. I was rather surprised to learn the Ichi didn't mind pork. Too bad Nicky couldn't make it, so Ichi was the only new face there for me. The restaurant was filled with twinky waiters, much to the pleasure of the oogling eyes of Pikey and Ichi XD. Food was rather good and it wasn't expensive.

After lunch, Joe and BF had to make a move to settle some banking stuff and also head to the post office. So, we adjourned to a Pappa Rich nearby for more drinks and snacks. Loads of laughs, merry-making and cock-a-doodle chattery. We had so much fun, that we forgot to camwhore. So, no pics from the gathering ><. It was very warm in Pappa Rich. Too bad, the place looks pleasant but where's the air-cond? Poor Pikey had to sit with the grill and steamer behind him. His back was literally wet with sweat. But, I'm sure Bear gave him a 'bear-back' scrub in the shower after that. The cute Bear was rather rambunctious this time. The first time I met him, either he was
pretending to beshy or busy munching on the chicken Pikey was feeding him XD

We were done at 4 pm, an hour after Joe and BF finished their errands and joined us again. Joe found SK to be quite lively and entertaining. If I didn't tell him that she was William bestie, he actually thought they were a couple. A cute couple...awww ^^. Yes, it was really fun seeing you guys again. I'll holler next time I'm in KL again =)

At night, it was time to partay. Joe was gracious enough to drive me there. With the help of GPS (thank God!), we managed to locate the Bayu Angkasa condo @ Bangsar. The condo was nicely spacious and posh. Kinda jealous, when am I gonna own such a posh abode like that? T.T

Lots of good friends, new faces and great food at the party. Yes, there were lots of booze as well but the Pooh doesn't really drink. Well, maybe only a little that night =)

Me and the gorgeous birthday girl Sonia. See? This is why I hate taking upclose pics of myself. Fugly T.T

Just chillin'.

And having fun =)

Our pimptress mama-san Vivien in the middle XD

2 of my favorite ladies =)

Family portrait ^^. That's not even half the people there that night. Poor couch though =P


William said...

Does the planner get paid?
rambunctious! Haven't heard that in a while.
Thanks for introducing Joe. Quite a chatterbox. Same frequency. :P

Mark said...

Planner gets paid in dim sum, which Nicky owes us XD

LOL, we are all chatterboxes lah.

Cheryl said...

yeah yeah i like Joe. Keep him in KIV list :P

Mark said...

He requested for William's number and would like to keep in touch with the both of you too =)

Bravebear said...

I was busy eating the other day lah~

nicky05 said...

HUH!!!!!!.....Did i own you anything meh??..:p