Monday, March 8, 2010

23 Random Facts About The Pooh!

Thanks to Calvin, I was tagged by him to write out 23 random facts about myself. So, I'm just writing anything that comes to my head. This post is LONG overdue, couldn't really think of what to write. But, I managed to get it done, so here it goes:

1. The first place I look at when I stay somewhere, be it a hotel or someone's home, is the bathroom/toilet. It must be both clean and well-equipped. The place where I clean and relieve myself CANNOT be dirty. In other words, I ABSOLUTELY LOATHE dirty toilets and bathrooms.

2. I think I have a bathroom fetish. It can feel incredibly erotic sometimes. I guess it started when I first visited the men's changing/locker room at a local swimming club as a teenager. The place has NO doors and you could see EVERYTHING, macam buffet. I hadn't gotten into the water yet and my trunks were already 'wet'. OOPS!

3. I'd rather live in a place with a colder climate than a hot one.

4. If I had all the money in the world, I'd love to sample all the gourmet chocolates, cheeses and coffee that I can get my hands on.

5. I'm addicted to caffeine. Can't go a day without my java.

6. I'm a foodie and fitness enthusiast. I love my food and need to watch my figure. So, both sides wage a war within me when temptations appear. Luckily, the fitness side wins most of the time.

7. Being an engineer was not my choice of profession. My first choice was to be a vet, but there weren't any good local veterinarian education facilities at the time. Couldn't afford to study overseas for it.

8. I still don't have a passport. Out of budget lately. Doesn't mean I'm broke all the time, just means I'm forcing myself to save more for the future ^^.

9. I'm an very emotional person and love/need to express myself. Since I'm kinda artistically retarded, I express myself in words, both written and verbal, instead.

10. I think good communication is absolutely crucial, sexy and turns me on.

11. I still have the bad habit of being late ><.

12. Between a dream house or car, it'll ALWAYS be a house. It's just a more practical decision for me. I don't understand why people would buy a nice car first instead. I wouldn't wanna live in a car if I go broke some day (touch wood). Plus, it's easier to lose a car than a house.

13. I have a small scar on one of my butt cheeks. When I was a kid, while holding the top of their swing that was located right next to the fence (the ones with wires), I swung from my side of the house to theirs. Didn't gauge that one of the pointy poles of the fence was too high and next thing I knew, stitches on my ass.

14. One of my favorite comfort foods of all time is ice-cream. It's my kryptonite T.T

15. I can't stand the taste AND texture of liver. Yucks!

16. I absolutely love fruits. They are like nature's candy and loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and water. Plus, they won't make you fat. Well, unless you eat like 30 bananas every day...

17. The gym is like my 2nd home. I can't live without it. If I'm moving to a new place, I need to make sure there's one nearby. Yes, it's that bad.

18. Once, something fell on my neck, crawled into my shirt, went down my pants (outside, thank God) and crawled down to my feet. It was a big fat, full-grown cockroach. The disgusting smelly bastard was freakin' fast. I HATE cockroaches! Not just because they are filthy as hell, but also because they STINK! I simply cannot stand the bitter, acrid smell they emit. If I happen to see one at home, it will not live past the next 5 minutes.

19. I love watching TV programs/shows about the world such as wildlife, nature, cultures, travel and good food. Hence, my favorite channels on Astro are usually National Geographic, Discovery, Travel & Living etc.

20. I always need a blanket and something to hug when I sleep. Lose the blanket if it's hot as hell though.

21. I used to shave my legs. NOT because I'm vain but I had to apply medication for eczema on my legs a couple of years ago, which appears after I take a hot shower and it is really itchy. I can't do that when there's a lot of hair, can I?

22. Most of you may already know this but I'm kinda a traitorous Chinese. I'm a banana (well, mostly), absolute adore the English language (my best language too) and love most things Western. Don't get me wrong, I DON'T hate the Asian culture. I do find them fascinating and they are my heritage after all. Apart from the English language, I'm just drawn to the sophistication, flexibility, openness and more liberal aspect of the Western culture, that's all.

23. I'm an all around nice guy. At least that's what most people tell me. My friends have never really seen me really angry or go around pissing people off before. I always opt for doing the right, sensible thing. I think that I'm so boring sometimes, being so nice all the time. Sometimes, I secretly wish I were a bad boy instead =P

I'm tagging the following people to write 23 random facts about themselves.

1. Bravebear
2. Pikey
3. Cookiedonut
4. Zemien


pikey said...

Ohhhh... interesting stuffs... and i got tagged! Hhhmm.. need to squeeze some brain juice first to write mine.. lols

William said...

(11) lewat sebab buat kardio. :P
(15) Liver sedap!!! Try foie gras.

Mark said...

Pikey: Ohhh, which part more interesting leh?

William: LOL, not always lah sebab cardio. I haven't tried foie gras and I probably never will, after seeing what they do to the geese to produce them. Animal cruelty T.T

Darren said...

and i thought 21 was because u prefer to be lady like ;P

and yes hidup English.

Gratitude said...

Nicely written, thou it wld hv been more interesting if you included the skanky stuff! hehe

cookiedonut said...

oh wow... kena tagged XD

Bravebear said...

hmm... so many similarities except for those gym stuffs.

It will take forever for me to finish those 23 =.="

Anonymous said...

Finally!!! Nothing that I do not know of besides the scar on your butt cheek. Hehehe...

Mark said...

Darren: I sooo needed to clarify that point. I get the 'looks' when I tell people I shaved my legs before T.T

Gratitude: I'm choosing a more subtle way writing lately. Leave certain things to the imagination mah, or you can always msg me in FB or MSN for more info XD. More people reading my bloggie, even some from my workplace, which I dunno whom ><

Cookie/Bear: Yes, it's about time. Was looking for whom tak kena tag lagi ^^. Took me a few days to finish this T.T

Calvin: Yeah, I know right? Took me quite a while =P

Zemien said...

You tagged me! BITCH!

Mark said...