Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lift Your Heart

So many times in so many instances have we kept doubted or despised ourselves, and struggled to make something more of ourselves. In those times, this will lift your heart.

Stay strong, look within you and keep moving forward. Bad times and seemingly never-ending struggle will always be there, and the actions we take in those circumstances will ultimately determine the outcome. In the bleakest hour on the darkest days, we need to cling on to hope and keep going. The flame of hope can be reduced to a tiny flicker, but it can never go out. That tiny spark can turn the tides if you remain steadfast and fight alongside it. It is always there if you seek it, and can devoid you of life should you lose it.

Never give up, no matter how bad things get. I need to remind myself of that always.

Alright I'll stop here. I'm getting too preachy =)

1 comment:

Marky's Little Devil said...

YEP! NEVER GIVE UP! Like what zaizai always tell u, nightmares do not last forever!