Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Different End?

Ever since the movie 2012 came out, there has been a lot of annoying claims that it could come true in Dec 2012. Annoying as it were, I gotta admit that mother nature has been diligent in steering us in that direction. A devastating series of earthquakes and tsunamis have been hitting various parts of the world over recent years, killing hundreds of thousands of people.

A recent movie that came prompt me to think that perhaps our apocalyptic end might not come from the wrath of mother earth, but from beyond the skies. World Invasion: Battle Los Angelos capitalizes on UFO sightings worldwide that results in a massive alien invasion, but what if this could become a possibility?

Like the increased occurrences of natural disasters hitting the world, sightings of UFOs have increased as well.

Think about it.

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