Friday, January 28, 2011

When 2012 Comes...

...this is how we will die. Attack of the puppehs!~

LOL, Terran kitteh vs Zerg swarm puppehs XD

I bet the cat is thinking, "Get the hell off meh, you fluffy lil' white racist bastards! WTF, get your ass out of my face. Oh, my nuts! Oooi, get YOUR faces out of MY ass~"

*jumps up onto box, stares down at Zerg puppehs and whips tail helicopter style triumphantly*

Serious, this is the CUTESTESTEST thing evar!~ And that cat is damn patient and/or even loving it, plowing into a whole bunch of 'em like that. If the puppies don't lick you to death, you will just die from cuteness overload.

PS: That cat REALLY looks like Chips, my pet kitten that passed away during my stay in Malacca. A more grown up version that is. I distinctly remember the adorable stripes of fur on her belly =)


Marky's Little Devil said...

kitteh beh liao beh liao

Anonymous said...

love this a more of a pussy person (LOL),pity the cat!