Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bad Sleeping Habits

Seriously, I have to get rid of it. I'm sick and tired of it, coz it's literally making me sick and tired. I'm talking about bad habit of SLEEPING LATE. It's OK during the weekends occasionally, but it's a huge damn no-no when the habit begins to intrude into work days. I'm getting really plain fed-up of being heavy-headed and physically tired most of the time on week days. Life just seems a lot harder and considerably bleaker when you're constantly deprived of good quality sleep. It's really difficult to stay positive, upbeat, motivated and energetic when you're groggy and mentally and physically out of tune. Life just feels like a drag, anchored and dull. In the long run, lack of sleep is also harmful for health. Your liver goes haywire, it ages you faster, wrecks havoc on your complexion, your hormones go on a roller-coaster and your bodily functions become irregular.

I know I have no one else to blame but myself. I used to say that I'm a nocturnal creature, being more alive at night. That's still true. I still find myself being more active at night. There's something about staying up late that just appeals to me. Perhaps it's the rebel side of me relishing the late nights, but it's getting out of hand. So I'm putting my head down (on my pillow, that is) so to speak. I used to regulate my sleeping hours religiously, except for weekends. Since I workout quite often, I need good quality sleep daily to recover, so I used to set a rule of no less that 7-8 hours of sleep each day. And I'm going back to that. Time for discipline to step in. No more only 4-6 hours of sleep.

Aside from the perpetual tiredness and health factors, it really messes up my schedule. I find myself napping at intervals during the day, or waking up during weekends in the afternoon, which is essentially half of the day gone. And the sleep debt that accumulate is really horrible. Sometimes, it feels like no matter how much sleep you catch up on during the weekends, it's still not enough. Horribly erratic sleeping patterns can really fuck you up.


savante said...

I'm starting to like my sleep more and more :)

Jaded One said...

Love the little kittens!! :)

Anonymous said...

i am re-writing my post coz i wrote it on a wrong blog post .lol ....

i just am viewing ur blog ....i like it ....nice to know u write in english so that non-chinese speaking pple like myself can read it too....take care , what a colourful life u have , in a good way :)and looking thru ur fb shows that ur such a nice person too , dont stop writing


Mark said...

Savante: Yeah me too. But sometimes I've just a little too active to fall asleep ><

JO: Hehe so damn adorable aren't they? The first one really looks like the pet kitten Chips I had while I was studying in Malacca. She was such a dumb blonde of a cat, and hyperactive too ><

Anon: Awww, glad you like what I'm writing. You're sweet =)

C'est la vie said...

It's not about the hours you spend to sleep. It's about WHEN you sleep. Dude, adjust yourself to sleep before 12am everyday. My sis' friend kena liver cancer at 26 because of sleeping late for a very long period. Not cursing, just a friendly reminder. Inform your boyfriend too.