Thursday, September 2, 2010

Officially 6 Months

I can't believe it's been 6 months since zai2 got hooked by my hunny XD

So, I think I'll make a post to see what I already know about the little devil!~

1. Zai2 loves anything with lots of cream, mayo and/or cheese. You can see his orgasm face when he's eating it. Don't you just hate people who can't get fat?

2. Zai2 can't stand CHOCOLATE. Not out of allergy, just out of hate for the stuff *blasphemous gasp*. Apparently he doesn't like the gooey, sticky texture of chocolate in his mouth.

3. Zai2 is extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY picky about food. He doesn't eat almost any seafood, nuts, durian or anything normal that he feels weird about. Also, he doesn't eat anything in bones or shells unless it's already been removed for him.

4. Zai2 doesn't think that good food is worth it. He thinks that everything ends up as poop so spending money on good food or being a foodie is a waste *fainting gasp*

Pooh: Ok, #2 to #4 alone should be enough for me to 'divorce' him coz it's simply blasphemous in my books, but I didn't. Ah, the things I do for love =D

5. Zai2 likes surprises, something which I'm not very good at ><

6. Zai2 is very auntie, always complaining about the cost of everything. Good thing is that he's very, VERY conscious about anything that he spends, or whatever that I spend on him. =P

7. Zai2 loves strawberries, but he doesn't like the fresh stuff. Instead, he wants the artificially-flavoured ones from soft drink or strawberry ice-cream. So weird kan? ><

8. Zai2 doesn't need me to spend a lot of him, he just wants my company. Awww~

9. Zai2 has special 'sight' or 'senses'. No, he can't tell what color your undies are, or if you're wearing any (unless he goes and molests you). But he can tell if there is 'someone' standing beside you...

10. Zai2 is paranoid about his family finding out about him. So, don't simply tag him in FACEBOOK!

11. Zai2 doesn't like coffee. Apparently the caffeine gives him headaches.

12. Zai2 can be very curious, enough to kill 2 cats.

13. Zai2 had a wet dream about me, twice XD

14. Zai2 loves Baskin Robbins ice-cream. He thinks Haagen Daaz is for old people. ><

15. Zai2 is very talkative. He can go on chattering like a train.

16. Zai2 only weighs 48 kilos. I can literally carry him around on my back like a backpack.

17. Zai2 cannot sleep still one, even when cuddling. Susah betul wanna tidur with him sometimes =P

18. Zai2 is extremely playful and mischievous. Don't be fooled by his innocent, shy demeanor when you first meet him. Once he's familiar with you, habislah you.

19. Zai2 likes to go commando. Now, I also get infected by this habit.

20. Zai2 loves jellybeans.

21. Zai2 loves me like there's no tomorrow =)

Hmmm...wonder if I missed anything? =P


Anonymous said...

He can't stand chocolate? OMG!!! I can't imagine anyone not liking the chocolate? How could someone not like chocolate? Hahaha!!! It's heaven!

He likes artificial strawberry-flavoured beverages but not the real strawberries? It's delicious!

OMG! He has that special eye to see those things around? OMG! It's so creepy.

Wow! Having 2 wet dreams about you proves he is really into you.

William said...

Ahaks ahaks. Such a cute post le. That budak memang banyak requirements hor!

Marky's Little Devil said...

why put the geli picture here one T_T

btw, you forgot to put this,

22. What's mine is his, what's his is always his


next time dowan tell u d >.<

Mark said...

CJ: EXACTLY, chocolate is one of the greatest discoveries of all time, along with coffee and cheese! Luckily for him, his special 'senses' aren't always as active.

William: Yeah hor, things I have to put up with XD

Marky's Little Devil said...

chocolate sucks! Coffee okay...cheese is paradise...

Gratitude said...

Great to know that you know him so well. All the best ^_^

Zemien said...

I demand a scoop of Uncle Ice-Cream (a.k.a. Haagen Daaz) as royalty for posting the photo I took of zai2!

Oh. Congrats on the 6 months. Whatever.


cookiedonut said...

AWWWWWWWWW on #8, LOL on #13

hahahahahaha XD congratulations you both =D

Mark said...

Grat: Hehe, 6 months is a lot of time to discover mah.

Mien: Wahaha, sure why not?

CD: Hehe, arigatos.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! and ur zai2 is damn CUTE!!

ichimaru akira said...

what!!! he hates chocolate...

Anyway,congrats to the both of u...

Mark said...

Anon: Awww thanks, and zai2 will surely kembang again XD

Ichi: YEAH, I know right? And thanks =)

C'est la vie said...

ya kan? Kan we said already, you have to pay copyright for Shawn's pic and studio rental to me? I WILL ASK FROM YOU LOL.

Anyway, #13 is oversharing. @_@

Ultraman Jino said...

haha cute betul la. my bf has 18 similarities. not my type but i have no idea why i fall in love.

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