Monday, June 20, 2011

The Boss

It's late but I can't sleep. Something in my head refuses to settle. I'm feeling uneasy and slightly disturbed. Perhaps it's the fact that I'm going to work in a job that I hate, thanks to my boss. Since I started working in RB 6 months ago, I've changed but unfortunately, not for the better. I'm moodier and much less happier than usual. I'm a lot more exhausted and frustrated most of the time. Both William and Jo have noticed and remarked on this change in me. I used to complain for fun when I was still attached to D, but now, my complaints genuinely resonate my intense frustrations and unhappiness stemming from RB.

It's not so much about the job that irks me, but about the BOSS. I swear, he is the BIGGEST pet peeve of all. I wouldn't mind as much working with a busy schedule, but working with a unreasonable boss with an attitude problem and a bad-temper really takes the cake. It's nerve-wrecking working for someone who's as volatile and unpredictable as a ferocious, quiet guard dog. You never know when he will bare his teeth, bark and bite off your nuts. Unlike my previous managers, who can rightfully be called professional people managers, he maintains a strict boss and co-worker mentality. Not that it's all bad, but his attitude is what makes him over-bearing and hateful. It really says something when the new hires and even trainees try to avoid him as much as possible, and not to mention rejoicing when he's on leave.

He's stubborn, obnoxious, condescending, confrontational, impatient, has a short-fused temper and is not qualified as a people manager. To add to that, he has a habit of dumping tasks on people regardless of whether that person is overloaded, which just spells poor management to me. He has poor people skills and just enjoys barking at people to get things done, and get things done HIS way. As a result, there are many who think that he is a pain in the neck and ought to be avoided. I even caught him reading adult sex stories on the internet during working hours a couple of times.

Compared to him, my previous 'real' managers were saints, who knew how to manage people properly, streamline tasks and really cared about us, our opinions and concerns. They were people whom you could really talk to, not some brash, hot-headed neanderthal who likes to swing his verbal club around just because he has the most knowledge and experience. It might work for people who have worked with him for a long time, but it's just gonna repel those who have experienced a better, more tolerant and professional environment. I've been on the end of his verbal assaults quite a few times, so I've witness more severe lashings even toward the senior engineers (there was one particular time when I was almost certain a fight was gonna break out between him and a fellow engineer, when the engineer spoke back, saying that my boss shouldn't talk to him like that). It's no wonder that they are leaving as one's gonna take his bullshit forever.

Man, it felt good to let it all out and I expect to leave soon too.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your situation at work and yes, it's a good way to release your stress and anger when you write it all out. If we cannot change ourselves to adapt the environment, then we have to change to a different environment. Hope you can get a better job elsewhere. All the best.

And your boss reads adult sex stories during office hours? Ooo... now that's hot! Hehehe... is he gay? Maybe you could introduce my stories to him and maybe he'll thank you and treat you nicer. Hahahaha!!!

savante said...

Just make sure you don't repeat the same mistakes when you're the boss one day!

Bengbeng said...

if you can't change the environment, change yrself. make yrself immune to his taunts. why should u give him the power to make u feel like u need to leave?