Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It Gets Better...IS HUGE!

More and more celebs are becoming a part of Trevor's 'It Gets Better' project. You'd be surprised...

Jewel...she's just gorgeous. LOVE her =)

The amazing Adam Lambert. I personally love what he's saying.

Bet you didn't know Suze Orman (go google her if you don't know who she is) was a lesbian =)

Zachary Quinto, I'm sure you know who he is. I love his clip, it's so touching and I can really feel him wanting to reach out.

You know how huge this is when you have the US President rooting for it!



Bravebear said...

hmmm... is zachary gay? i like the vids.. i have seen the obama vid previously.

Mark said...

Well, there's no indication at this point =)

Vincent~ said...

It's actually a relief tat Ppl actually care =]